Instagram Down: Millennials Plummet Into Chaos As Social Media Site Fails To Load — Hilarious Memes

The world might as well have just ended because Instagram was DOWN! While it’s back up and running, these hysterical memes are worth looking at.

What is one to do when their favorite picture-sharing app is, dare I say it, not working?! For about 15 minutes today, Instagram lovers were helpless when they couldn’t look at their friends pictures and upload their Insta Stories, so they took to Twitter, instead, and shared hilarious memes that prove the world probably, definitely has a sick addiction to social media. “Help we are dying #Instagramdown,” one user wrote. “When you check Twitter to see if everyone else’s Instagram is down as well,” another added…which is the ultimate truth. LOL. One Twitter user was honest AF, writing what probably a lot of people were thinking — “fix instagram asap bc I need to stalk my crush, thank you.” Others were concerned they’d be left out of all the drama of the day, writing, “so now I will have no idea what peoples tea will look like tonight.” Ugh, millennials, what would we do without them?

However, some shared their relief that the source of their angst was finally not working. “Finally my main source of anxiety is gone and i have no obligation to like whoever’s posts….. even tho its temporarily,” a Twitter user named Ray wrote. Reports that Instagram wasn’t work came early in the morning on May 10th in the US, but according to the website Down Detector, it was also not working in Europe and Japan. Users reported they could not refresh their feed, or view or upload pictures. While this didn’t effect all of Instagram’s 800 million users, it was enough to send everyone into a total frenzy.

Of course, many suggested that we weren’t completely without Instagram, since the limited-usage online site was still working, but their 500 million daily active users were less than thrilled. Luckily, the app is back up and running, so you can continue to sip the piping hot tea, looking at Cardi B‘s Insta Stories, and waiting for pics of True Thompson.

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