Instagram model performs sex act on a petrol pump – and raunchy display lands her in court – The Sun

AN INSTAGRAM model is heading to court after she performed a sex act on a petrol pump in a viral video.

Anne Moore recorded herself enthusiastically performing the act on the nozzle — covered in a condom for safety — and the deed got her in trouble with the law.

The manager at the petrol station called the police as she filmed the video. When the police arrived, they found the Miami, Florida resident's top too revealing.

“They gave me a ticket for indecent exposure,” Moore said. “I have a court date next month.”

Moore said even though she used protection, the pump had a slight taste.

She said using protection gave her peace of mind when doing the deed, however.

“It tasted a little bit like oil,” she said. “But I wasn’t worried about getting sick — I used a condom.”

The video of her performing the raunchy act went viral on social media as other accounts shared the video, gaining a mixed response from users.

“I’m done,” one user commented.

Another user said she does “Anything for clout.”

Some users found the act revolting, and dubbed it “nasty.”

“People waitin to pump and go about their day, and you doin cr*p like this,” one user commented.

Despite the negative comments from some, Moore said she is unfazed by the response and she “don’t care what the haters say.”

“Because they make me famous,” she added.


Moore has more than 16.4 Twitter followers, and more than a million on Instagram.

The video is not the first of its kind on Moore’s account.

She’s also posted videos of herself performing similar acts on items including a banana, a whisk, a bottle of champagne, and a raw egg yolk.

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