Is it illegal to quit a job without notice in the UK? | The Sun

THERE are many reasons why someone may decide to leave their job – from wanting a new challenge to making more money.

However, there are protocols that they have to follow in order to be able to leave their position. This is all you need to know.

Is it illegal to quit a job without notice in the UK?

It's expected that you give your employer notice to leave your job.

Notice periods are in place so that the employer has enough time to find someone to replace you and for you to find alternative employment. 

Dependant on the role you are in, it may be a breach of contract if you resign without giving notice as the workplace may have to arrange cover in your absence.

It is possible that employers can take a person to court if they resign without prior notice as it it may cause the company a loss of earnings.


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The role you play in your current company and what company you are leaving your employment for all play a part in legal action being taken against you.

Smaller roles are less likely to provoke legal action, whereas higher management roles are harder to fill.

It also depends on what type of contract you are working on.

A full-time contract may make resigning immediately problematic.

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There are times where it is acceptable to leave a job without notice.

This could include a family emergency or a medical problem.

Do you still get paid if you quit a job without notice?

Employers are not allowed to withhold pay for hours worked from staff even if they have left without notice.

This is unless there is a clear clause in the contract signed by the employee which allows this.

What is quick quitting?

Quick quitting is where someone leaves a role within a year of starting.

This new trend has been attributed to a faster paced job market.

It can also be for other reasons, such as the arrival of new opportunities, or a lack of fulfilment in the workers current role.

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