Is this the toughest 'spot the snake' you've ever seen?

Toughest spot the snake picture EVER as bush camouflage baffles reptile experts leaving some questioning whether it’s a hoax – so can you see it?

  • Sunshine Coast snakecatcher challenges Facebook followers to spot the snake
  • He makes it very difficult with a dense forest photo and asks for the species
  • Followers wrestled with the teaser mostly failing before the answer was revealed

A professional snakecatcher has laid down what could be the toughest ‘spot the snake’ challenge ever.

Stuart McKenzie, who runs Sunshine Coast Snakercatchers, posted an overgrown bush scene from a distance showing several gum trees and dense foliage and challenged his 219,621 followers to find the camouflaged reptile.

‘Here’s one that will drive you mad!’ Mr McKenzie wrote, and as if it wasn’t difficult enough, he also asked serpent sleuths to name what type of snake was hiding.

Stuart McKenzie challenged his Facebook followers to what must be one of the hardest ‘spot the snake challenges ever

Almost all those who copied the photo and drew a ring to identify where they saw the snake got it wrong. 

Reptile fans soon shared their frustrated responses.

‘So I figured there is like 18 snakes here and 1 bigfoot,’ a man wrote. 

‘They all drive me mad and make me question my eye sight,’ one woman said.

‘This one is difficult, I’ll come back tomorrow to get the answer,’ said another. 

Two followers cheated by drawing a ring around the whole photo, while another drew rings over every centimetre of the image.

McKenzie put his frustrated serpent sleuths out of their misery by revealing the location of the camouflaged snake. But even then, some couldn’t see it

‘A little help please!’ another woman wrote.

‘I need an answer!’ said another. 

Only one follower guessed correctly.

In the end Mr McKenzie ringed where the snake was, and said it was ‘a brown tree snake, in the tree’ near the top left-hand side of the image.

Even then, his big reveal left some wondering if they were playing a game of ‘the Emperor’s new snake’, or maybe ‘find the invisible snake’. 

The brown tree snake was hidden perfectly in the thick foliage proving difficult to identify 

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