Ivanka Trump’s ‘Chinese proverb’ might not be real

Confucius says Ivanka Trump made a proverbial social media gaffe.

The president’s elder daughter fired off a celebratory message hours ahead of his historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“‘Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.’ – Chinese Proverb,” the first daughter wrote in a tweet that quickly went viral for apparently being fake.

The blog Quote Investigator has found that the saying first emerged in a 1903 Chicago magazine in reference to innovation during that time.

“Things move along so rapidly nowadays that people saying: ‘It can’t be done,’ are always being interrupted by somebody doing it,” according to an article in the mag, the New York Times reported.

In 2015, the Quote Investigator found that the saying also was published in a 1962 periodical with the words “Confucius say” — a popular format for jokes about proverbs not actually attributable to the Chinese philosopher, according to The Hill.

The quote also has been attributed to Irish author George Bernard Shaw.

In China, where Twitter is blocked, screenshots of Ivanka’s saying circulated on the social media site Weibo.

Users speculated that it was a wrong translation of the proverb: “Do unto others as you would have them done unto you” from the Analects of Confucius, according to the South China Morning Post.

The official account of Weibo’s owner, the tech firm Sina, also was puzzled.

“Our editor really can’t think of exactly which proverb this is. Please help!” it posted.

Some internet users mocked Ivanka for her tweet.

“Maybe she saw it in a Panda Express fortune cookie,” one person joked.

“One proverb from Ivanka has exhausted the brain cells of all Chinese internet users,” another wrote on Weibo.

Twitterati also targeted the president’s senior adviser for her misfire.

“‘This not even remotely an actual Chinese proverb.’ – Chinese Proverb,” angryasianman tweeted.

“Those who make knock-off designer shoes in Chinese sweat shops with child labor should not quote Chinese proverbs,” @rmayemsinger zinged.

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