Jeremy Hunt is accidentally called 'Jeremy C***' AGAIN live on air as BBC presenter slips up

Radio 4's Justin Webb made the blunder while reading a story about social care this morning.

Listeners were shocked to hear him say: "The paper says that Health Secretary Jeremy C*** … Hunt is understood to favour a cap on social care."

He was describing a clipping about the Daily Express report on elderly people selling their homes to pay for care in later life.

The paper explained the case of a woman from Middlesborough who was out of pocket £450,000 on care, and was unable to pass on any of her life savings to her family.

The presenter later claimed he had made an "important swerve" and didn't actually say the swear word.

But listeners were convinced they heard him turn the airwaves blue.

Comedian David Baddiel, who was on the show too today, tweeted: "Pretty sure that just because I was interviewed on @BBCRadio4 Today this morning they made, in the newspaper review, a Jeremy C*** er Hunt slip. Did anyone else hear that?"

One said: "Sure I just heard another Jeremy C*** drop on #radio4…"

Another added: "Nearly choked on my coffee there!"

But Mr Webb isn't the first journalist to make the same slip-up live on air.

Jim Naughtie introduced the then-culture secretary as "Jeremy C**t" back in 2010 on the same Radio 4 programme.

And a Sky reporter made the awkward mistake too on Sky News when discussing the latest moves in last year's reshuffle.

The Health and Social Care Secretary stayed in post back in January too – when he refused to move posts and fought to stay in his job.



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