Joe Biden blasted as ‘too old’ to be President by his British cousin days before US poll

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Ralph Biden is a retired graphic designer in Surrey and has been identified as the cousin of the man President Donald Trump has called ‘Sleepy Joe’. But he is unsure whether his distant cousin is fit to take over the White House.

Ralph did not know he was related to Joe Biden until The Times approached him.

He told The Times: “In my heart of hearts he’s a little bit too old for the job, but then again Winston Churchill was about the same age when he was elected again after the war and he didn’t do a bad job, so who knows.”

Ralph Biden is the father of two children and grandfather of three children.

His own father was adopted and Ralph is said to be either the fourth of fifth cousin of Joe Biden, according to The Times.

He said: “I vote Conservative. Actually I was voting for Brexit at the last election.”

He added that his distant relative could do a good job in the White House but would face huge political polarization.

Ralph said: “I think he would make a good president, my question would be how long for? It’s got to be a very high-pressure job and the buck stops in the Oval Office, he’s going to inherit a country that’s going to be horribly divided.”

He added: “I thought I could be related to him when Joe Biden became vice-president but I didn’t really think it and just joked with a friend about it — that I was a distant cousin several times removed.

“But to know now — fame at last. If Joe Biden does win I know I’m going to be invited to the White House.

“Come on, distant cousin is hardly closely related but it’s quite fun to know that you are related to the possible president of the USA.”

But Ralph is not completely hopeful that his distant cousin will manage to win the election.

He said: “To be honest, I think it’s about a 50-50 chance.

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“The polls say Joe Biden has the edge but they were saying that Hillary Clinton had the edge last time and she lost.

“I think the pollsters run on a tendency for wishful thinking — keep the stopper in the champagne.”

Ralph and Joe Biden are related through their great, great, great-grandfathers James and William, according to The Times.

On Saturday, Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama visited Michigan in the last weekend of campaigning.

Mr Biden said the US was “done with the chaos” of Mr Trump’s administration.

In Pennsylvania, during a campaign trip at the weekend Mr Trump said there would be a “great red wave” of Republican victories.

Mr Biden has been leading the polls but has narrower advantages in swing states which could determine the election.

More than 85 million people have already voted early for the US poll.

Of those who have already voted, 55 million have sent their ballots by post.

The surge in early votes has put the US on course for the biggest turnout in over a century.

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