Joe Biden sweeps West Coast, locking in Democratic electors

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden swept the deeply Democratic West Coast states of California, Oregon and Washington state on Election Day.

The projections were made by The Associated Press shortly after polls closed Tuesday.

The magnitude of Biden’s win in the states, with a combined 74 electors, was not immediately clear.

Each was a stronghold for Hillary Clinton in 2016. She won by nearly 4.3 million votes in California — a staggering lead that gave her a national popular-vote edge of nearly 2.9 million, despite losing the Electoral College to President Trump.

Biden solidified the West Coast as Trump carried swing state Florida by an unexpectedly large margin, according to a Fox News projection.

Fox News also projected that Arizona, with 11 electoral votes, would go for Biden, despite Trump winning the state in 2016.

Key battlegrounds across the Midwest, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, remained undeclared as of 11:30 p.m., with Trump leading in southern swing-states Georgia and North Carolina.

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