Justin Trudeau attacked for using single-use plastic forks after attempting to ban them

Canada’s Prime Minister posted a picture of himself in a youth council meeting in Quebec which instantly was criticised by some of his followers. Quickly, people pointed out that there was a pile of plastic forks on the table despite Mr Trudeau’s Government announcing a plan to ban single-use plastics by 2021. Single-use plastic is one of the world’s biggest non-biodegradable sources of rubbish and considering his Government’s plan, users were quick to criticise the Prime Minister.

Posting a picture of himself with the youth council, Mr Trudeau spoke of his pleasure at being at the event to talk about ideas on how to “fight climate change”.

One user said: “Didn’t this showman declare a climate ‘emergency?’”

Another said: “Can this man do anything that makes any form of making sense, having plastic cutlery when he is on his crusade on plastics and the environment.”

The Canadian Conservative Party also launched an attack on the nation’s leader.

They released a statement which read: “This is no different than how Justin Trudeau will lecture moms and dads driving their kids to and from hockey practice about their carbon footprint and force them to pay a punishing carbon tax one day, and then on the next day Justin Trudeau will jet away to Florida for a sunny weekend getaway.”

The plastic pollution issue has become a serious global problem and as a result, Mr Trudeau termed it a “problem we simply can’t afford to ignore” earlier this month.

Hoping to set an example for the future, Mr Trudeau cited the European Parliament’s decision to ban a range of single-use plastics.

Speaking at the announcement of the single-use ban, Mr Trudeau said: “Many other countries are doing that and Canada will be one of them.

“This is a big step but we know can do this for 2021.”

Mr Trudeau’s Government says that less than 10 percent of plastics are currently recycled in Canada.

In defence, of the Canadian Prime Minister, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna insisted that it was a simple mistake as she said that it “happens to everyone”.

She added: “You’re in a situation, you’re doing a meeting quickly, you use plastics.

“I know the prime minister thinks we need to do better, I think we need to do better.”

Moreover, a statement from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the plastics in the picture “will be re-used”.

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