Kamala Harris: Americans won’t tolerate ‘election interference’ from Congress, SCOTUS

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris brushed off concerns that the 2020 election would be decided by any means other than the ballot box, saying the American people wouldn’t tolerate “an interference of that kind,” including in other branches of the Federal government.

Speaking during an appearance Monday morning on ABC’s “The View,” Harris (D-Calif.) made the remark after being asked by cohost Joy Behar to quell her own fears about the election being decided in Congress or the Supreme Court.

“Our democracy is as strong as the American people’s willingness to stand up and defend it. Our democracy, because the people know that whatever the outcome of an election, we, as part of our democracy that we support, have peaceful transfers of power. I have full confidence in the American people that whoever they vote for in this election, they will not stand for an interference of that kind,” the California senator told the liberal comedian.

The Democratic running mate went on to say that people across the country were recognizing “the power of their voice,” and were utilizing that newfound power by voting.

“The power of their voice is through their vote,” she noted.

Asked by co-host Whoopi Goldberg about the infamous fly that appeared on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during their debate earlier this month, Harris demurred.

“Oh, Whoopi,” she said, laughing, “let me just say that I think we should get beyond the fly and kind of, just, fly away from this subject and move on, but I appreciate the question.”

Harris, however, didn’t hold back when it came to President Trump, telling the show’s five hosts that the commander-in-chief calling her a “female socialist” and pronouncing her name incorrectly were “predicable coming from him.”

“I mean it’s childish, it’s name-calling on behalf of the president of the United States, and, again, the American people deserve so much more from their president. You know, look, the name-calling is not new to me — it’s not new to anybody who played on the playground as a child. But this is not the playground,” she added.

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