Kangaroo captured on video punching Australian man in the face

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It was a case of roo rage.

A kangaroo was caught on video punching an Australian man in the face as he tried to protect his kids from the hopping mad marsupial, according to news.com.au.

The frightening attack took place on Christmas Day in South West Rocks, where Mitchell Robinson tried to shoo away the animal, which was loitering and digging holes on his property.

The kangaroo hopped toward the man, knocking him to the ground before making its getaway.

Family friend Tina Grace Rowe told a news station Down Under that you could see the attack coming.

“It was just staring at him and he picked up something to try and shoo it away and as soon as he did that you could just see that it was going to go at him,” Rowe told 7NEWS.

“He was massive. He was a big male kangaroo — big chest,” she added.

Robinson, who already had a broken arm, thankfully escaped with just a scratch, according to the station.

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