Kate’s outing with Charles brings ‘close connection’ to spotlight, says expert

Kate Middleton's latest outing with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles brings their "secret" relationship to the spotlight, a royal expert has said.

The Prince of Wales invited the Duchess of Cambridge to join him and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, on a visit to The Prince's Foundation training site for arts and culture at Trinity Buoy Wharf, in London, on Thursday morning, in what is a rare engagement as a trio.

They met students learning traditional industries including textiles, stone crafting, and wax sculpting, in what is the trio's first engagement as just the three of them in a decade.

Prince Charles invited his daughter-in-law to the education hub because of their shared love of the arts and passion for textiles.

This isn't the first time that Charles and Kate's shared love of the arts has brought them together.

Royal expert, Gertrude Daly, told the Daily Star: "I think today’s visit definitely shows that Duchess Kate has a close connection with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

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"And a love of the arts is definitely part of that close connection. I know back in the early days of Kate’s marriage, Prince Charles and Duchess Kate would make a number of secret trips to the opera together."

The host of Gert's Royal podcast also explained that joint engagements for non-couple royals are rare generally, not just in the case of Kate and Charles.

She said: "Joint engagements like Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, and Duchess Kate's visit to The Prince’s Foundation Centre are pretty rare.

"Couples have joint engagements all the time, but it’s pretty rare for us to see non-couples royals out together for an engagement.

"Joint Engagements usually happen when both royals have some official reason of being there like the event involves both of their patronages or causes.

"The others exceptions are Royal Family events, such as the Chelsea Flower Show or Commonwealth Day and receptions hosted by the Queen.

"But while rare, we do see joint engagements happen from time to time."

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