Kathy Griffin says she is ‘slowly getting un-cancelled’ thanks to Paul Gosar

Kathy Griffin stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Monday, where the actress and comedian, who is still recovering from lung cancer surgery she had back in August, talked about how she has gone from being cancelled to appearing in the new season of HBO Max’s dark comedy, Search Party.

“So you guys know I'm canceled, right? Like, I was like, cancelled cancelled,” Griffin said. “And so I'm very slowly getting un-cancelled. And what I think is funny is that people are kinda like afraid of me now and all that stuff. And you know that guy Paul Gosar made a video, and I was back in the news again? So anyway, so I think I’m gonna get un-cancelled. I think I’m an actress again, guys.”

Griffin received backlash in 2017 after posing with a likeness of then-President Donald Trump's severed head. She was among those who compared her harsh repercussions to what Arizona Representative Paul Gosar has or hasn’t faced, after he posted a video showing himself threatening President Joe Biden, and killing New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Griffin, who will be playing a conspiracy theorist on Search Party when it returns for a fifth and final season in January, also has her new show’s younger-skewing audience to thank for her comeback.

“Apparently, the young kids don't know that I'm a ‘terrorist,’” Griffin said, using finger quotes. “You know the MAGAs think I'm a terrorist. They don’t even know that stuff, they watch the TikTok.”

Now that she says her “un-cancelling” is underway, Griffin had someone very special to thank: Jimmy Kimmel.

“By the way, you are really, really, of the people I can count on one hand that rejected my cancellation,” Griffin said, to which Kimmel replied: “Yes, it was ridiculous.”

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