KFC launches bizarre games console to rival PS5 and Xbox Series X

KFC has launched a game-changing console with a "chicken chamber" to keep the food warm so it won't go cold.

The fast food giant announced the bizarre concept back in July and on Tuesday, the official KFCGaming Twitter account revealed that the KFConsole is real and not a hoax.

In the promotional clip, the black and red console resembles the shape of their iconic chicken bucket with a sleek design of the name "KFConsole".

The centre rectangular frame can be pulled out as a "chicken chamber" where gamers can keep the fried chicken warm.

The product is built by computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master using Intel Core i9 and Asus-powered graphics to provide gamers a smooth level of gameplay.

It promises "cross platform compatibility" and True 4K resolution with 120 frames per second gameplay for gamers.

But the console left viewers confused given the air-fryer impression of the chicken chamber.

One said: "Can’t figure out if I'm getting trolled or not."

Another was fascinated by the idea but left with questions, commenting: "Won't warming greasy chicken inside of that thing have your entire system greased up like the inside of an unwashed oven in no time?"

A third said: "Where do I sign up??? I need one of these in my life."

Fans were hyped for the stunt, asking if the console comes with a KFC chicken computer keyboard or a chicken drumstick mouse.

The KFConsole comes off the back of the launch of the latest PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X but it has not announced any information on how or where gamers can get their hands on the item.

To find out more about the console, head to its dedicated website here.

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