Killer who slit seven-year-old Emily Jones’ throat has prison sentence extended

The minimum jail term for a killer who slit the throat of a seven-year-old girl on Mother’s Day has been increased after the judge said it had been "calculated in error."

Paranoid schizophrenic Eltiona Skana, 30, was sentenced to life imprisonment in December 2020 for the killing of Emily Jones in a Bolton park.

Emily had been playing in the park on her scooter on 22 March 2020 when she had spotted her mum running and asked her dad if she could go to her.

She had given Sarah, 42, a card for Mother’s Day earlier that morning, but her little life was cut short when Skana slit her throat.

Despite Skana's life sentence, it emerged she was told she could be released from prison on parole in as little as eight years.

On Monday January 2021, Mr Justice Wall explained to Teesside Crown Court that he had arrived at the original figure by halving the notional determinate sentence of 16 years.

Mr Wall said he had "forgotten" that from the 1st April 2020 "the law as to the minimum period to be served" by a violent prisoner or sex offender was two thirds, not one half of the sentence.

He said: "However, when I passed that sentence I had forgotten from the 1st April 2020 the law as to the minimum period to be served by a violent or sexual offender whose sentence was or exceeded seven years was two thirds and not one half of the sentence."

Mr Wall said the sentence was "calculated in error" for which he takes "full responsibility for" and raised the sentence to 10 years and eight months.

The court was told: "Thus the minimum term which I set, and which was based on the premise that had I passed a determinate sentence the defendant would only have had to serve half her sentence before being eligible for release on parole, was calculated in error.

"It is an error to which all in court fell, for which I take full responsibility."

  • Woman who stabbed Emily Jones, 7, to death in park on Mother's Day gets life sentence

Skana, who is currently serving her time in high-security Rampton Hospital, appeared in court via video-link.

She is currently a patient at the hospital under the Mental Health Act but Mr Wall ordered Skana to serve her time in prison if her condition improves sufficiently.

Rampton Hospital has housed notorious criminals Ian Huntley and Charles Salvador (Bronson), dubbed Britain's most violent prisoner.

Bronson, 64, has spent around 40 years of his life behind bars, including time in Broadmoor and Rampton.

Huntley was detained in Rampton for two months and assessed after he was arrested for the murder of 10-year-old Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

It was concluded that Huntley "was fit to enter a plea and to stand trial," finding no evidence that he was suffering from any form of major mental illness.

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