Klitschko brothers tell Piers Morgan of tortured kids & bodies crushed by tanks in Ukraine war in TalkTV interview tonight | The Sun

THE KLITSCHKO brothers have revealed the horrors of the war in Ukraine in a moving chat with The Sun's Piers Morgan.

Piers flew to Kyiv for a world exclusive TalkTV sit-down chat with the boxing legends – which will be shown tonight at 8pm.

The brothers are now heroically standing up for their country against Russia's brutal invasion.

Wladimir and Vitali have been on the frontline of the fight against Vladimir Putin – with all out war raging in Ukraine for the best part of six months.

Ukraine continues to mount a valiant defence against the the much larger Russian invading force – being supported with weapons and aide from a Western effort being led by Britain.

But the war has seen atrocities committed routinely by the Russians, with cities left decimated, civilians brutalised, and children killed.


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In the chat, which will be broadcast tonight on Piers Morgan Uncensored at 8pm on TalkTV, the veteran broadcaster asks: "For those who have never been in a war, what did you see?"

The former world champions shared with Piers some of the horrors being imposed on their people by vicious Kremlin madman Putin.

Watch TalkTV tonight on Sky 526, Virgin Media 627, Freeview 237, Freesat 217 or on Fox Nation in the US.

Wladmir – a serving member of the Kyiv Territorial Defense brigade – said they have witnessed children subject to torture and bodies of civilians crushed by tanks.

And Kyiv's mayor, Vitali, told a powerful story about how he consoled a little boy who had no idea his mum and dad had been killed by the Russians.

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But despite the horrors – both brothers will continue to stand up for their beloved country, with Wladmir saying: "The simplest thing you can do is die for your country.

"You know what is the most complicated? Live for your country, that means fight."

Wladmir replies: "We could hear the sounds of artillery explosions, see the death, see the destruction, see residential buildings on fire, civilians, children, teenagers, tortured, dead."

He described the images as "horrifying" and then told of how he came across a "flattened car" that had been crushed by a tank.

"[It] had a sign on it, 'children', – you see bodies in that car, flattened by the tank" said Wladmir.

This war can touch everyone

Piers said: "We can't imagine it living in London, we have the odd terrorist attack or whatever, but we can't imagine a war of the kind we had in World War Two where the German bombers were coming over and blitzing our homes – that hasn't happened in the UK for 70 plus years.

"To see it happen in a democratic, European country like Ukraine is just surreal- and to hear you say you have lost a number of friends already, when the war has only been going a few months, it's impacting you personally in a way it is everyone in Ukraine."

Vitali goes on to deliver a powerful message for the "all the world" – saying thinking this war doesn't touch you personally is the "biggest mistake".

"This war can touch everyone," he said.

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Ukraine is continuing to push back against Russia, making good use of new US-made Himars missiles systems to stall Putin's advance and blitz his bases.

Russia is now estimated to have lost nearly 40,000 troops in the grinding war – but Kyiv continues to face an uphill struggle as Russia has vowed to not stop until they oust President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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