Labour general secretary Jennie Formby quits as part of clear-out of Corbynistas at top of party – The Sun

LABOUR’S general secretary Jennie Formby has quit as part of the clear-out of Corbynistas at the top of the party.

Ms Formby was a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn but disliked by many Labour MPs who thought she was too slow to boot out anti-Semites.

She is the latest leftwinger to leave their post now Sir Keir Starmer is leader.

Former spinners Seumas Milne and James Schneider both quit after Labour’s election flop.

Ms Formby said her role had been a “huge privilege” but it was “time to step down”.

She added: “When I applied for the role of General Secretary in 2018 it was because I wanted to support Jeremy Corbyn, who inspired so many people to get involved in politics with his message of hope, equality and peace.

“It has been a huge privilege to be General Secretary of the largest political party in Europe for the last two years.”

Sir Keir thanked Ms Formby – a former boss at the Unite union – for her service.

Her departure will be seen as another nail in the coffin of the Corbyn project.

Mr Corbyn – Labour's most leftwing leader ever – led the party to its worst election hammering since 1935.

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