Landlord who drank 50 pints a week loses nine stone after ditching Stella Artois

A landlord lost nine stone in six months after he ditched his unhealthy diet of fast food and 50 pints of Stella Artois lager – a WEEK.

Ex-boozer Adam Joy, 40, consumed a staggering 12,800 calories in lager alone every week – which is three-quarters of the total recommended intake for a man.

Thanks to the endless pints gifted to him by punters, he was consuming a dangerous 135 units of alcohol a week when the safe total is just 14.

But he decided to overhaul his unhealthy lifestyle when he reached 26st 4lbs and struggled to make it up the stairs at a Twickenham game with his son.

As well as ditching the booze, he swapped fatty kebabs for home-cooked dishes and even introduced healthy curry nights at his boozer, the Bird in Hand in Dartford, Kent.

In just six months he has lost nine stone – and is still losing more every week – and has been named Male Slimmer of the Year at his Slimming World group.

He now cooks all the family meals for wife Carol-Ann, 46, and kids Caitlin, 19, and Jack, 13, rustling up the likes of veg, meat and fruit.

Adam has also taken to cutting off all the fat from the meat and no longer suffers from arthritis and high blood pressure.

He also often posts on Slimming World’s Pinch of Nom Facebook group with complete strangers asking him for help.

Adam now hopes his incredible weight loss story will help inspire men up and down the country to shift the pounds.

He said: "I started becoming unhappy after seeing pics of myself at my 40th birthday party last August.

"Then when I took my son to the England game at a Twickenham game I realised how unfit I was. We had seats at the top of the stadium and I was struggling to make my way up.

"But I’ve completely turned it around now. If I can do it anybody can.

"I’ve managed to shift the weight because when I do something I always commit.

"Beforehand I was boozing heavily and eating really unhealthy. If walked past a bakery I just had to go in.

"Also working behind the bar meant that every night was a Friday night. We’d have darts on Monday and Wednesdays and quiz nights on Thursdays.

"Punters would always offer to buy me a drink and I’d always accept.

"I wouldn’t have lunch or dinner during a stint behind the bar. I would wait until the shift ended before ordering myself a takeaway – it was usually a kebab.

"Since joining Slimming World I’ve felt great. Before joining I was 26st 4lbs. I’m down to 17st 4lbs which I haven’t been since I was 18-years-old."

Adam has won Slimmer of the Week award 12 times as well as nabbing the Slimmer of the Month gong for the last four months.

He has also won Male Slimmer of the Year after shifting more weight than any other bloke.

His healthy eating habits have even rubbed off on his regulars with around 25 taking to his low-fat homemade curries in his award winning boozer.

He continued: "At the weekend I had my 40th birthday suit refitted. I lost six inches on my neck, 14 inches on my chest and 12 inches on my waist.

"The tailors were astonished by my weight loss.

"I hope my story inspires blokes to take up weight loss and Slimming World. I’m a real man’s man and when I walked into the class I was greeted to a room full of women.

"I want others to know if I can do it they can too. If I can live and work in a pub and manage to shift the weight so can they."

A pint of Stella contains 256 calories meaning Adam’s boozing would have racked up a whopping 12,800 calories a week.

Men are recommended to have 2,500 calories a day which amounts to 17,500 calories a week.

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