Leaked memo reveals Amber Rudd DID know of deportation targets

Leaked memo reveals Amber Rudd DID know of targets for deporting illegal immigrants over a year ago dealing a blow to her claims she had no idea they were used

  • Amber Rudd told the Home Affairs select committee she did not know of targets
  • But a memo sent to her last year details the target for deportation of immigrants 
  • It has renewed calls for her to resign over the handling of the Windrush fiasco 

Amber Rudd was told about targets for deporting illegal immigrants in June last year – dealing a blow to her claims she had no idea they were used.

A leaked memo sent to the Home Secretary and Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said officials had set a  ‘a target of achieving 12,800 enforced returns in 2017-18’.

It also boasts that ‘we have exceeded our target of assisted returns’ and that progress had been made on achieving the 10 per cent increase in deportations they had promised Ms Rudd.

It adds that progress has been made on a ‘path towards the 10 per cent increase’ in the numbers deported as promised to Ms Rudd.

The memo,leaked to The Guardian, appears to contradict evidence she gave to the Home Affairs select committee just three days ago when she said she was not aware of any targets.

Amber Rudd (pictured in parliament earlier this week) said she was not aware of any targets being used at the Home Office when she was grilled by MPs – but the latest memo leak appears undermine the claim

Grilled by MPs on reports that there were targets, she told the committee ‘we don’t have targets for removals’, adding ‘that’s not how we operate’.  

A Home Office source told the newspaper: ‘We were gobsmacked by what she said, and that she stuck to her guns.

 ‘It is inconceivable that Amber Rudd did not know about the targets.’

Ms Rudd is battling to cling on to her job after a torrid couple of weeks following the Windrush scandal.

The fiasco saw immigrants who arrived from the Caribbean and have lived in the UK for decades threatened with deportation.

They told how they lost their jobs, homes, were denied health care and stopped from going to their relatives’ funerals and weddings because they did not have proper paperwork.

Labour’s shadow home secretary Diane Abbott (pictured in the Commons yesterday) said Ms Rudd should quit as Home Secretary over the fiasco

Labour ‘s shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said she should resign and the SNP have  joined in the calls for her to go.

Ms Rudd has insisted that she is determined to reform the Home Office – distancing herself from Theresa May’s policy to create a ‘hostile environment’ for illegal immigrants.

And while she has refused to say if she has considered quitting over the scandal, she insists that she is the right person to reform the department.

But the six page memo, which was prepared by Hugh Ind, the director general of the Home Office’s Immigration Enforcement agency, deals her account another blow.

And it has renewed calls for her to be sacked over the fiasco.

Ms Abbott said: ‘Amber Rudd either failed to read this memo, and has no clear understanding of the policies in her own department, or she has misled Parliament and the British people.

‘Either way, she needs to accept responsibility and resign immediately.’  

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