Let no one boo our England heroes as they kneel against racism at Wembley

Lose the boos

THE footie feast we have so sorely needed after 18 months of Covid hell is upon us.

If you’re Welsh, best of luck today. If you’re English, let’s roar our Lions on tomorrow. And we do mean roar.

Let no one boo our heroes at Wembley as they kneel against racism.

We understand the objections, of course . . . the connections with Black Lives Matter’s hard-left politics and so on.

We would on balance prefer an anti-racism stand with no hint of division

But what is most important is what’s in the players’ minds.

Other people who have taken the knee do buy into BLM’s rhetoric and the murky ideology beyond its unimpeachable slogan

But our football stars ­consider their gesture merely a non-political act for racial equality.

England boss Gareth Southgate backs them too — and has shown admirable leadership in braving the flak to do so.

So let us all respect the purity of their motives and spur them on to victory.

A packed Wembley roused the England boys of 1966 to ultimate glory.

How dispiriting for the lads of 2021 if part of a half-empty stadium boos them before a ball is kicked.

You heard Boris yesterday . . . let’s just cheer them instead.

Now, extra time

THEY think it’s all over. Depressingly, it isn’t yet

And, frankly, who knows now when it will be?

It is grim that our final unlocking on June 21 is set to be kicked into touch.

It’s true the Indian variant spreads far more easily.

That hospitalisations are climbing steeply in parts, as infections have soared

But we are left wondering:

Will this ever end?

The new delay will allow many more to get their second jab.

We understand that.

The protection of just one isn’t great against this strain.

But the Government keeps moving the goalposts.

Will two jabs be enough? Will we need a third, or fourth?

Flu kills thousands a year.

How low do Covid deaths have to be before the Government blows the full-time whistle on these ruinous curbs?

Bling ’em

OUR honours system has long been a disgrace, with baubles dished out like sweets to politicians’ mates, cronies and donors.

How refreshing to see it used properly.

Those who invented, tested and distributed our Covid vaccines with unprecedented speed have saved thousands of lives and given our country a route out of its gravest crisis in 80 years.

So jabs chief Kate Bingham fully ­merits her damehood.

So do those getting gongs at AstraZeneca and Oxford University for driving the development of their low-cost vaccine.

Congrats to them all on a jab well done.

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