Let's call middle class eco-nut Just Stop Oil yobs out for what they really are – there's only one way to deal with them | The Sun

THE so-called climate activist group Just Stop Oil has been busy causing more disruption to hundreds of thousands of ordinary Brits just trying to go about their lives.

The latest round of protests have seen two protestors occupying the M25 Dartford Crossing bridge, blocking traffic for two days and causing endless delays.

Another delightful pair, who looked fresh out of Sixth Form, threw tomato soup at a Van Gogh piece worth millions just a few days earlier.

But it doesn’t stop there. The same day, in an ultimate display of how these eco-warriors have the whip hand over the justice system, a Just Stop Oil protestor spray painted New Scotland Yard as the police stood by.

Yes, Scotland Yard – the very home of the Met Police.  

Infuriating clips have since flooded the internet of ordinary people begging and pleading with protesters to move on so they can get to work, take kids to school, or sick family members to hospitals.

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The moment I realised there is no reasoning with these people is when I heard a woman on the radio on Tuesday morning claim that Just Stop Oil’s cause was so noble that if her own mother or child died in a blocked ambulance, it would be a worthy sacrifice.

How barmy can you possibly be?

These eco fanatics have disrupted working-class people from earning a living, caused untold damage and disruption, and have so far gotten away with it.

So, I am tired of being polite. Let’s call these people out for what they truly are – a bunch of bored, no-good, middle-class, hippy, climate cranks.

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Two Just Stop Oil protesters threw tomato soup over Vincent Van Gogh's famous 1888 painting Sunflowers, in LondonCredit: PA
Another eco-loon sprayed orange pain on the window of as Aston Martin showroomCredit: AFP

If working-class protestors had caused so much disruption in the name of some cause affecting them, they’d be labelled a bunch of jobless yobs.

There would be calls for ASBOs to be handed out like confetti.

But when middle-class, university-educated Green-party loons do the same – it’s another story.

These spoilt kids were clearly never told ‘no’ by Mummy and Daddy as a child.

They must have been raised as pretentious, sanctimonious little brats. 

These spoilt kids were clearly never told ‘no’ by Mummy and Daddy as a child. They must have been raised as pretentious, sanctimonious little brats

A criminal record is no bother to the young protestors because the bank of Mummy and Daddy will always step in when they find themselves a jobless social pariah.

They couldn’t care less that their faces are plastered all over the internet showing them committing criminal damage because, unlike the rest of us, they don't need to worry about living in the real world, with real problems.

They plan to just live out their lives in their utopian hippy bubble pretending they’re saving us all from impending Armageddon.

The Home Secretary Suella Braverman is right when she says that it is not a ‘human right’ to cause vandalism – nor to put public safety at risk by preventing emergency services from getting to where they need.

Yes – we’re a free country and I support the fundamental right to protest.

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But if these middle-class, eco-extremist rejects want to cause us all misery, then they should face the full force of the law.

Bang them up properly for their sins, and make them pay up for the damage.

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