Liverpool hospital bomber suspected of making up details in asylum claim

A BOMBER who blew himself up outside a hospital was suspected of making up details in an asylum claim six years earlier, court papers show.

Emad Al-Swealmeen, 32, pretended to have Syrian heritage in paperwork he filed to try to persuade authorities to allow him to stay here.

He arrived in the UK in May 2014 legally using a Jordanian passport.

His asylum claim was dismissed and the next year he lost an appeal.

Iraqi-born Swealmeen claimed he had post-traumatic stress at the hearing in April 2015.

But the judge rejected his claims after hearing he gave vague details and knew little about Syria.

It raises new questions over why he was not pursued for deportation.

Swealmeen was waiting for a fresh appeal when his bomb went off in a taxi in Liverpool on November 14.

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