Lonely OAP, 80, who died alone in ‘shocking’ mess leaves mystery relatives £400k

A lonely pensioner who died alone in a run-down flat has left behind a staggering £400,000 fortune for six mystery relatives.

Jacqueline Davidson, 80, was found lifeless in her squalid home a week after she passed away while living in the "appalling" conditions in East London.

The retired estate agent spent most of her life in Ilford and despite not moving around she had no close relatives to organise her funeral or read her last will.

Authorities were left stunned after they discovered Jacqueline had an untouched bank account that held £200,000, which saw her estate double to £400,000 when they included the value of her flat.

In a bid to trace heirs to the property, Redbridge Council called in firm Finders International who revealed that the woman had six long lost cousins who were entitled to an equal share of her fortune, reports The Telegraph.

CEO Danny Curran was left dismayed after visiting the 80-year-old's flat and said it was "quite shocking and incredibly sad to see how she lived".

It was reported that she was the only child but her father had three brothers, while her mother had three sisters and one brother.

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Two cousins on her maternal side and four on her paternal side are set to inherit an equal share of her wealthy estate.

Ashley Davidson, one of the beneficiaries, received the "shocking" news after not hearing from Jacqueline in over 50 years.

The 76-year-old offered to organise her cousin's funeral and arranged for her to be buried at a cemetery close by.

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Mr Curran said: "When people die without leaving a Will or who appear to have no known next of kin, the Crown can inherit the estate, although this will not happen for many years.

"We work on cases like Jacqueline Davidson’s to trace the heirs and ensure that people inherit what is rightfully theirs, and we were delighted to find Jacqueline’s relatives."

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