Long Island track worker logs more than $255G in overtime hours: report

A Long Island Rail Road track worker brought home more than $255,000 last year by working what officials say was a dangerous amount of overtime hours on top of his base pay.

Marco Pazmino, who has worked for the railroad for more than three decades, made $256,177 in overtime pay on top of his base salary of $54,985, The New York Post reported, citing the Empire Center for Public Policy.

The MTA said on Monday that Pazmino worked his usual 1,688 hours at $35 an hour, and logged 4,157 of overtime for 2018. That amounts to 16 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It wasn’t clear how his hours were logged. A spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration told The New York Post that federal laws don’t limit the consecutive hours worked by track maintenance workers.

“Rail workers around the country who are not governed by hours of service rules have been injured and killed when working long hours and due to fatigue,” MTA Chairman Pat Foye told The Post.


Foye ordered a review of overtime abuse last week after news broke that former chief measurement operator Thomas Caputo made $344,147 in overtime last year.

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