Loyal dog gets stabbed by knifeman as he tries to protect police officers

A police dog has been praised for his bravery after he was repeatedly stabbed by a knife-wielding man while protecting his human partners.

Rocko the Belgian Malinois accompanied officers who received a report of a visibly intoxicated man roaming the streets in Zacatecas, in the central Mexican state of the same name.

Footage shows at least three officers trying to approach the man and conduct a search, but the man behaves aggressively and pulls out a knife to threaten the police.

Rocko, the three-and-a-half-year-old dog, quickly comes to the defence of his police partners.

He runs around the man in circles and barks at him. The man is seen swinging his knife and lashing out at Rocko several times before a police car arrives.

It appears that the officers in the vehicle are trying to cut off the fleeing knifeman and open the door to seal him in, but he refuses to drop his weapon and runs back the other way to escape.

Rocko does not desist and continues to try to deal with the knifeman, who then injures the dog in the snout and neck with the weapon.

The video ends as the police officers follow the man down the road.

According to local newspaper Sin Embargo, the man was arrested a few streets away, where police recovered a knife, a pipe, and cannabis.

Rocko was immediately transferred to the facilities of the State Police where he was treated and is currently recovering in a stable condition.

The aggressor will now reportedly face charges for attacking the canine and police officers, as well as public disturbance and possession of drugs.

As reported by the local newspaper Zacatecas en Imagen, Rocko was trained by the State Preventive Police (PEP) to be passive, and to only attack when the situation warrants it, in addition to being capable of detecting narcotics.

Zacatecas en Imagen indicates that Rocko has achieved a large number of seizures of narcotics in the Regional Centre for Social Reintegration of Cieneguillas, and it is not the first time that he has been injured while on duty.

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