Madeleine McCann cops admit suspect Christian B may never be quizzed if they can’t find more evidence

GERMAN paedo Christian B who is suspected of abducting Madeleine McCann may never face court over the crime, according to reports. 

It comes as investigators reportedly believe they could be just one witness away from being able to bring charges. 

Hans Christian Wolters, who is leading the inquiry into Christian B alleged links to Madeleine disappearance in Portugal in 2007, said there was no "forensic evidence", reports the Mirror. 

Other clues he said were "not enough to get an arrest warrant".

The convicted 43-year-old paedophile, a drifter with child pornography and rape convictions, was named as a suspect in June with German cops who claimed they had "strong evidence".

But Mr Wolters said: "At the moment our evidence is not so strong we are sure he will be sentenced by the court."

He told the podcast They’ve Taken Her: "Maybe we need more witnesses or photos or video."

He added: "Maybe we need one witness who can tell us the things we don’t know."

A McCann family friend said: "It feels like he is trying to lower expectations after coming out all guns blazing.

"It’s heartbreaking for Kate and Gerry."

Christian B, who is currently serving a drugs jail term in Germany, lived near the Praia da Luz resort where the three-year-old vanished in 2007.

But his lawyer Friedrich Fuelscher says his client is innocent.

Detectives are also reportedly seeking two Russian men they believe spoke to him before three-year-old Madeleine vanished in Portugal in 2007.

He denies any involvement.

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