Madeleine McCann suspect pictured 'in factory where he kept child abuse images'

A picture has emerged of the prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann inside an abandoned factory where he stored images of child abuse. 

Christian Brueckner, 44, appears to be standing in the rubbish-strewn and graffitied warehouse in Neuwegersleben, Germany, in a photo taken around 2009.

It was the same factory in which police would later find USB sticks containing horrific images of child abuse.

The picture shows the inside of a concrete building, which was on land Brueckner had earlier bought at auction.

White walls can be seen covered in cobwebs, with filled-in holes and snipped wires in the background. Decorating tools are seen scattered around, alongside pieces of rubbish.

Danish TV journalists say they were shown the picture by one of Brueckner’s ex-girlfriends, now 62 and identified only as M, who lived with him in a motorhome around that time.

It comes as a new documentary featuring the photo is set to air on Discovery Plus, called Prime Suspect: The Madeleine McCann Case.

Brueckner’s ex said she met him at an over-30s dating event in 2009, and he let her live with him in the motorhome for free.

He showed her the inside of the factory where he asked her to take photos of him, and said he wanted them to ‘do the place up’. 

M said on the documentary: ‘He then started drinking more and more and he would come home at 2 and 3 in the morning. By this time I had had too much.’

She said she then broke up with him.

The documentary also features Brueckner’s friends, his defence lawyer, the prosecutor for the case and former Portuguese investigator Goncalo Amaral. 

The factory site emerged as part of the case in 2016 when German police investigated Brueckner over the disappearance of a German girl called Inga Gehricke.

They found a red and white van which contained girls’ swimming costumes – although he does not have any children – and dug up USB drives containing 8,000 images mostly depicting child abuse.

Brueckner was convicted of possessing the abusive images but was not charged in relation to Inga.

He used to drive the van between Germany and Portugal, where Madeleine disappeared, and bragged to friends he could hide ‘drugs and children’ inside it.

German prosecutors believe Brueckner kidnapped and killed Madeleine – and claim they have evidence she is dead – but have not charged him with the crime.

They are still appealing for information from anyone who knows Brueckner and was around the resort of Praia da Luz on the night of May 3, 2007, which is when three-year-old Madeleine vanished.

Brueckner is currently serving a seven-and-a-half year sentence for the rape of an American tourist in the Algarve in 2005.

He has previously been convicted of molesting a six-year-old girl in his native Germany, and has convictions for drug smuggling.

His defence lawyer, Friedrich Fulscher, says Brueckner has denied any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.

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