Mail Force charity announces £500,000 donation to help Ukrainians

‘A testimony to the compassion of the British people’: Lord Dubs hails Mail Force charity donation of £500,000 to the Refugee Council to help Ukrainians as they seek shelter in the UK

  • The Refugee Council is gearing up to welcome refugees from war-torn Ukraine
  • The Mail Force charity is making a £500,000 donation to help make it possible
  • The charity is the leading organisation helping people seek shelter from war
  • The Mail Force charity has raised £7.5million thanks to donations from its readers

They will arrive exhausted and possibly traumatised. But as thousands of Ukrainians reach the safety of Britain, they will be met with compassion and practical help.

The Refugee Council is already gearing up to welcome them – and today the Mail Force charity is announcing a £500,000 donation to make it possible.

The charity is the leading organisation that helps thousands of people seeking shelter in the UK from war and other terrors.

Ukrainian refugees are welcomed by a family member upon arrival with a ferry from Gdansk in Poland to the port of Nynashamn, about 60 km south of Stockholm, Sweden

Women rest as children play in a humanitarian aid tent, where refugees are coming to warm up and rest, after crossing from Ukraine into Poland at the Medyka border crossing, southeastern Poland

Last night its joint patron Dame Emma Thompson said: ‘This is a fantastic and generous response from the Mail readers, and typical of the citizens of the UK who would open their arms to those fleeing the murderous carnage in Europe.’

The Oscar-winning actress added: ‘When refugees come and are helped by the Refugee Council, it will be a proud thing to tell them – how many helped and how many care deeply about them.’

After an arduous journey across Europe, the victims of Putin’s invasion will arrive in Britain needing all the help they can get. And get it they will – thanks to our readers who have donated with exceptional generosity to the Mail Force Ukraine Appeal. 

Lord Dubs, who arrived in Britain in 1939 as a six-year-old refugee fleeing the Nazis, is the other joint patron of the Refugee Council.

He said the money raised by Mail readers is ‘testimony to the compassion and generosity of the British people… My personal thanks go to everyone who donated.’ 

The charity is preparing to drastically expand its services ahead of the expected surge of Ukrainians on their way.

It will use the Mail Force money to invest in extra therapeutic services for traumatised children and adults and expand its information hotline, which provides refugees with basic advice about how to use the NHS, get children into local schools and find help with translation. 

Ukrainian people board a train at Lviv railway station because the station is considered a military target

The Refugee Council’s Enver Soloman said: ‘It is so important that those who come to the UK are welcomed with open arms… These vital funds will help us to do this.’

The Mail Force charity has so far raised £7.5million thanks to donations from our readers. 

At the request of Lord and Lady Rothermere, the Mail’s parent company DMGT has donated £500,000.

The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and MailOnline UKRAINE REFUGEE APPEAL

Readers of Mail Newspapers and MailOnline have always shown immense generosity at times of crisis. 

Calling upon that human spirit, we are supporting a huge push to raise money for refugees from Ukraine. 

For, surely, no one can fail to be moved by the heartbreaking images and stories of families – mostly women, children, the infirm and elderly – fleeing from Russia’s invading armed forces.

As this tally of misery increases over the coming days and months, these innocent victims of a tyrant will require accommodation, schools and medical support. 

Donations to the Mail Force Ukraine Appeal will be used to help charities and aid organisations providing such essential services. 

In the name of charity and compassion, we urge all our readers to give swiftly and generously.


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To add Gift Aid to a donation – even one already made – complete an online form found here:

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Account name: Mail Force Charity

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Make your cheque payable to ‘Mail Force’ and post it to: Mail Newspapers Ukraine Appeal, GFM, 42 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, Colchester, Essex CO2 8JY


US readers can donate to the appeal via a bank transfer to Associated Newspapers or by sending checks to HQ at 51 Astor Place (9th floor), New York, NY 10003

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