How a make-up artist’s own trauma is helping acid attack victims

A make-up artist who suffered second-degree burns on her face after an accident is using her skills to help scarred acid attack survivors.

Olamide Fetuga’s face was scalded by hot water in an accident involving a pressure cooker about two years ago.

But her passion for make-up and beauty grew and she has since helped victims of acid attacks and gas explosions with an project called PrettyNScared.

"No matter what you’re going through, you can do whatever you want," she said.

Speaking to BBC World Service, the make-up professional added: "All I cared about was what was the latest thing that could cover this scar.

"No matter what is thrown at you, you can be who you want to be."

In a short clip made for the BBC and shared on social media, Olamide is seen applying make-up to a acid attack survivor’s face.

Naomi Oni , who was scarred for life after having acid thrown at her by her best friend in 2012 , said: "The only thing I could be grateful for was I was still alive.

"A lot of young girls do not realise what they have."

Naomi, from east London, breaks down in tears in the clip.

Recalling her own trauma, Olamide said: "Once the water hit my face, all I thought was my beauty, my beauty’s gone.

"All I could was cry because I just felt this is not fair, ‘why me’."

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