Man accused of trying to snatch tot on ‘crazy’ charges: ‘I was just playing with the baby’

A Brooklyn man, accused of trying to snatch a baby from its stroller, mouthed off in court Thursday night, telling a prosecutor that charges against him are “crazy.”

Assistant DA Jordan Roosman was describing how Matthew Waly, 27, had pulled a stroller away from a mother in Prospect Heights and said “Give me your baby” when the suspect suddenly blurted out his objection.

“Oh sh-t, that’s crazy, that’s wild,” Waly said in open court. “You got to stop.”

The judge sternly told Waly to hush.Then Roosman went on to explain how the baby’s father struggled with the defendant for more than 30 seconds before Waly ran across the street.

The dad pursued Waly before they ran into a police officer who arrested him, prosecutors said.

In his police interview, Waly said he only wanted to play with the baby, according to the DA.

“I was just playing with the baby. I’ve done this before in Manhattan and I never had a problem,” Waly allegedly told cops.

He was held on $100,00 bail and charged with attempted kidnapping.

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