Man CRIES BLOOD for an hour in shocking medical emergency – and this is why

The unnamed man, 52, is thought to have visited a hospital in the Sicilian city of Messina after blood started leaking from both his eyes.

Initially, the bleeding only carried on for a couple of minutes before it stopped.

However while he was waiting to be seen by the medical staff it started again.

Doctors discovered the man had non-cancerous tumours underneath his eyelids and diagnosed he was suffering from a rare condition called haemolacria.

These tumours are made of blood vessel cells, which are often seen on the skin of children and are sometimes known as strawberry marks.

What is haemolacria?

The New England Journal of Medicine states: “Haemolacria is a rare condition that is characterized by the presence of blood in the tears.”

This can be connected to cases of infection, inflammation or some form of trauma to the eye.

The tears can vary from appearing to be just red-tinged to appearing to be made entirely of blood.

A common infection such as conjunctivitis can also cause it or even a tear in the tear ducts.

The case was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

It stated the man couldn’t explain why it was happening as he hadn’t injured either of his eyes or his nose or even any other part of his head.

He also said he did not suffer from nosebleeds, bleeding gums or was easily bruised.

The man was given eye drops containing timolol, which is usually used to treat glaucoma and relieve the pressure on the eye.

He returned to the hospital a year later for a check up but said his eyes had not been bleeding.

In a case which was reported in 2003 in the British Journal of Opthamology, a woman had pinched her nose for two hours in a bid stop a nose bleed but the pinching had caused the blood to flow backwards into the eyes and pour out.

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