Man gored to death by his pet 265lbs boar that he had raised since it was a piglet and kept as a 'companion' | The Sun

A MAN was found dead in a pool of his own blood after being mutilated by his pet boar.

Amnuay Suriwong, 68, adopted the wild boar as a companion, but the former pet killed his owner in a ruthless attack.

Neighbours discovered Amnuay in his home in the Kamphaeng Phet province of Thailand on November 24.

Amnuay had asked his neighbours for help after the boar went on a rampage while he tried to wrangle it back into its pen.

He called for help before lying down on a bamboo bench in his backyard, where he died before paramedics could tend to him.

The boar pierced his inner thigh, leaving two wounds which Amnuay bled to death from.

The pet boar was hunted and shot dead by neighbours to prevent further tragedy.

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Amnuay's sister-in-law Durian Suriwong, 54, said he bought the boar to keep him company, as he lived alone.

"He would let it roam and graze in the afternoons, after which the boar would be returned to its enclosure," she explained to local media.

Eventually the pet grew to a massive 120 kilograms, and grew two large tusks – which would later kill his owner.

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Neighbours said the boar was well-loved, and locals would bring it vegetables to eat.

The boar had never been aggressive prior to the incident – Durian said it was tame and had never hurt anyone.

Durian was nearby at the time of the attack, and heard her brother-in-law chasing the wild boar, but he wasn't discovered until it was too late.

"I hope this serves as a warning to be careful when raising wild animals because we can never be sure of their behaviour," she said.

Police are not investigating the incident at the request of the family.

Earlier this year, 77-year-old farmer Peter Eades was beaten to death by his three year old pet kangaroo in Western Australia.

Numerous clashes with the kangaroos have been documented over the years, with the beasts possessing frightening fighting abilities.

There have been upwards of 91 incidents of deaths by exotic pets since 1990 in the United States alone.

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