Man leaves internet ‘howling’ after ordering ‘tiny’ bucket and mop after drinks

A man has left the internet in stitches after ordering a mop and bucket set online – only for a ‘teeny tiny’ version to arrive.

George Baxter recently moved home and decided to order the cleaning set which is listed for around £18 online, after a few drinks.

But failing to read the fine print he was shocked when he received a child-sized product.

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Posting his blunder on TikTok, he said: “I’m really trying to adult”.

The post quickly attracted attention, with nearly 150,000 views, and people saying it’s left them “howling” with laughter.

One person commented: “When you think you did an amazing online deal”.

A second said: “I was so confused at first I thought it was the perspective!”

“Um sir, I should buy this for my kids to start them early on chores. Great idea to start them young,” one mum joked.

Another added: “They also have a tiny vacuum for kids, it's so cute though”.

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However, people shyly admitted that he wasn’t alone in his slip-up as they had also made the same mistake.

One woman said: “I have literally done this before, I’m so glad I’m not the only one."

Back in 2017, a couple of first-time homeowners made the same mistake – with the exact same product.

Wallace Kennedy and Rebecca McCluskie decided not to return the set and kept the memory as a proud 'trophy' in their kitchen.

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