Man left with 500 unsold Liz Truss dolls after PM lost to Daily Star lettuce

A bloke who hedged his bets and made 500 Liz Truss dolls is stuck with the items after the ex-PM failed to outlive a lettuce.

Daily Star infamously bested the former Prime Minister, whose time in power rotted away faster than that of a Tesco lettuce, but some of the leafy fallout has hit David Farquharson.

The 30-year-old, a novelty toy maker, decided to hedge his bets and put "all my chips" on a set of Truss dolls that look eerily similar to the shortest-reigning Prime Minister in history.

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Once the leadership race had elected Truss, Farquharson leapt at the opportunity to make some toys, but it appears to have backfired, MyLondon reported.

Farquharson said: "Initially, I was going to make a Boris Johnson toy but then partygate happened and I thought I should hold off. Once the leadership race started and I could sense Liz Truss was going to win, I thought, 'I'm going to get ahead start on this'.

"Around two weeks before she was elected, I said 'I'm going to put all my chips in on her'."

But it would appear the dolls are now nothing more than dog toys, with the 30-year-old admitting it has been a "funny experience" and a presumably delightful one for his pooch, Gus.

By the time his order had come through, Truss was gone, which Farquharson said he "couldn't even be angry" at.

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He added: "I thought she would have a bit more longevity and I thought she would be the next relevant thing but she was been and gone so quickly."

Costing around £3,500, the "fun spirit of things" has steered Farquharson through the tougher financial blow of ordering 500 Liz Truss dolls.

"Next time I do it, I will find a character who might have a bit more longevity to them," Daniel said, and to that, appears to have missed the chance to make 500 googly-eyed lettuce dolls.

He added: "It's so funny. I have spoken to some retailers about trying to stock Liz but it seems not many people want Liz Truss in their shop."

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