Man who had penis amputated travels the world shopping for new member

A man who had his penis amputated in 2018 is embarking on a journey to regrow and reconstruct his genitals after recovering from cancer.

Richard Stamp has let Channel 5 into his life to embark on a cross country mission to reconstruct and regrow his penis after a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Mr Stamp is hoping his story will remind men to check on their genitals , and admits he had months of pain before he worked up the courage to seek medical attention.

His decision to believe "everything would be all right" cost him dearly, as his diagnosis led to the failure of his two-year long relationship.

Richard, who has a son and daughter from a previous relationship, admits he was avoiding having sex before his diagnosis as it caused him pain.

He said: "Angie and I were together for two years before my cancer was discovered."

"It built up over time.

"Why I wasn’t having penetration was because it really hurt, so I started feeling more vulnerable.

"Then I just didn’t want to do that at all."

During a trip to Cambodia, Richard felt a lump on his penis, but waited two months before he went to the the doctor.

He was finally diagnosed in Australia, where he was working in entertainment at the time.

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The medic, Dr Cox, immediately told him he was going to have to have his entire penis amputated, and Richard flew straight home.

Richard said: "I met this frightening doctor who, very starkly, said: ‘Your c**k’s going to come off.

"He showed me a model of a c**k, like I was some sort of a farm animal.

"It was so cold. All that went through my mind was panic.

"Everything was spinning around – that’s the worst moment of my lifetime."

The documentary is a warts-and-all look at what happens when you don’t listen to your body.

He admits: "How I live, work, have sex and go to the toilet, how to be a bloke without having a penis.

"I’m really angry I let it get that far. I feel a complete fool. I could kick myself because I could have saved it."

One of the main questions Richard is often asked is whether he can still have sex, and he wasted no time finding out, but admits being intimate has been a new challenge.

Richard is now on a mission to return his manhood to its former glory, but is grateful he can still orgasm.

He said: "I was grateful I could still orgasm, but then I had to work out how to do that with a partner, how to share my new body with someone.

"But some women don’t mind.

"I’ve been on a journey to see what the world has to offer, plastic ones, prosthetic ones, even ones grown in laboratories."

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Richard has now met his new surgeon, Prof David Ralph from University College Hospital in London, and the reconstruction of his penis will require three 130 hour surgeries.

Doctors will remove flesh from his arm and bottom to form his new penis, an implant will be placed inside and then a pump will be installed in his scrotum to give him an erection at the touch of a button.

He said: "It’s weird. I want it to feel like me, not an object. I’m a bit scared, it’s like something off Doctor Who from the 70s.

"I’m going through the mental thought process of building myself up to do this. Ever since my first operation, I’ve been taking things weeks at a time, that’s all I can do."

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