Man's legs dangle in air after getting stuck in faulty elevator doors

I wanted the top floor… but I’m only two feet off the ground! Man’s legs dangle in the air after getting stuck in faulty elevator doors

  • A Malaysian man had his legs trapped due to a malfunctioning elevator
  • The lift started moving while the doors were open causing the man to trip
  • It began ascending while the 55-year-old had his legs sticking out the door 

CCTV footage caught the moment a hapless man was left with his legs trapped and dangling in the air after getting stuck in a faulty elevator’s doors.

The incident, in which the 55-year-old man narrowly escaped having his feet severed, happened in George Town, Malaysia, on the night between June 17 and 18.

The video from inside the lift shows how the mishap occurred, while pictures show the cramped and painful position the man’s was trapped in.

A 55-year-old man’s feet got stuck in a lift between the first floor and the ground floor in a hotel in Malaysia 

The man’s feet were left dangling at head height on the floor below

Unfortunately most of the man’s legs were left dangling out of the lift, which continued to move upwards until they were trapped

The 55-year-old is seen trying to reach for the emergency button on the elevator, but was unable to turn around or move about

The footage shows the doors of the elevator opening, and before the man is even inside it has already started to ascend.

Due to this malfunction, the man is caught completely off guard and immediately stumbles.

After falling to the floor, his legs are left hanging out of the open lift door while his body is inside. 

After he was freed, the Manchester United fan took a seat and examined his feet which looked sore but not seriously injured

After about 30 minutes, the team was able to successfully free the victim’s feet. He was immediately taken to the hospital 

Teams from the fire and rescue service had to force open the lift to help free the man

The lift then fortunately comes to an abrupt stop, possibly because of a safety feature kicking in when the doors failed to close properly.

However the man’s feet were left dangling over the bay in the wall in what looked to be a very painful position.

The Jalan Perak Fire and Rescue Department was called and rescuers were dispatched to the scene to free the trapped man.

He was finally freed from the lift and sent to hospital for treatment for his apparently bloodied feet.

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