Marine Le Pen announces ‘full plan to take back control’ with Immigration referendum bid

Marine Le Pen 'will look to UK as an example' says Parry

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After the launch of her presidential campaign in Fréjus on 13 September, the leader of Le Rassemblement National (RN) took centre stage in Paris for a special press conference on Tuesday. Outshined in the media by Eric Zemmour, a far-right TV pundit who is also predicted to join the presidential race, Ms Le Pen chose the right moment to unveil a very controversial bill she drafted.

To pass the controversial bill, Ms Le Pen’s bill announced she will implement a national referendum which is allowed under the French constitution but rarely used.

The last major referendum was in 2005, when French people voted against France ratifying a European Constitution.

She said: “If I were to be elected president, I would implement a referendum with one single question: ‘Do you approve of the C2I [Citizenship, Identity, Immigration] bill?’

“The bill consists of a full plan to take back control of immigration.

“What we’re offering is a ready for use solution to all our immigration issues thanks to a method, a philosophy and a full legislative package.”

With this never seen bill, Ms Le Pen plans to control a large spectrum that includes any immigrant entry, the expulsion of convicted immigrants, the protection of the French identity and heritage, and even the interdiction of any communautarisme.

National priority, according to Marine Le Pen, would mean any French citizen would have priority over immigrants on welfare benefits, council houses and jobs.

The C2I bill would only allow immigrants based in France to land “jobs, missions and functions that can’t be practised by French nationals.”

The details regarding these jobs have not been released yet.

Although opinion polls have shown Le Pen as likely to reach the second round, they also foresee her loss against a hypothetical candidacy of Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen’s chances of repeating her 2017 victory during the first round could also be jeopardised by a possible presidential run of Eric Zemmour, who could split the far-right vote and allow a centre-right challenger to face Macron.

“I’m not worried,” Ms Le Pen said on Tuesday.

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“I am convinced the French people will place us against Emmanuel Macron because we defend very different models of society.

“He stands for unregulated globalisation, I defend the nation, which remains the best structure to defend our identity, security, freedom and prosperity.”

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