Mass murderer Charles Manson is to be refused his bizarre deathbed wish to father another child

MASS murderer Charles Manson is to be refused his bizarre deathbed wish to father another child.

Officials will not allow fiancée Afton “Star” Burton, 27, to obtain sperm from the maniac, 82.

He is too frail for stomach surgery and sources put his survival odds at 50-50.

He was released from hospital back to jail in California.

A source said: “No matter what happens to Manson, none of his family are getting access to his DNA at this stage.

“The officers and authorities will not let them get access to tissues or any fluids at all.

"He may be in hospital, but he is still considered to be under maximum security protection.



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“Just because he may pass away does not affect that position.

"There is no room for sentiment or emotion when it comes to Manson – in fact especially because of Manson.

“Should he lose his life, even then the body will be handed over to coroners and at that stage it would need a court order and legal process to gain access to the DNA.

“It will be a complicated and troublesome process, not to mention how much outrage this may cause around the world.

“Many people will think this is a sick joke, but Manson has expressed his desire to add his family of four children.”

The cult boss was jailed in 1971 after his disciples killed nine people, including actress Sharon Tate.

His son Matthew Roberts, 49, admitted Manson was a “monster”.

But he added: “I’d like to tell him I love him.

“Everybody has a unique and special sort of love for their progenitors even if they are different or disturbed or monsters.”

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