Mayra Macías of Latino Victory Fund on Donald Trump Refusing to Address White Supremacy: "I'm Just Speechless"

After a chaotic and confusing first presidential debate, POPSUGAR talked with Mayra Macías, the executive director of Latino Victory Project, to get a sense of what kind of impact the night’s conversation might have on the upcoming election. Macías is an organizer, educator, and political operative who’s worked for the 2012 Obama campaign and for the Florida Democratic Party. She’s now been with Latino Victory since 2017, a progressive political action committee that works to grow Latino political power through representation. They work to get Latino candidates into public office while building a base of Latino donors to support them.

In a crucial point during the debate, President Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacists and militias. Macías was shocked. “I’m just speechless about his inability to condemn the violence that is being perpetuated by white suprematists, the violence that is dividing our country and that is disproportionately affecting communities of color,” she says. Ahead, she shares the effects President Trump’s statement might have, how she’s feeling after the debate, and why she’s more motivated than ever.

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