McDonald’s diner slams ‘immigrants and feminists’ in shocking rant

McDonald’s diner blames ‘immigrants and feminists’ for ruining England in shocking racist and sexist rant while queuing for food at London eatery

  • Shocking footage captured his rant against ‘bloody immigrants’ in Brixton
  • Customers at the McDonald’s tried to silence him as he yelled on Friday night
  • He said ‘England is f****d’ because of ‘feminists and immigrants’ in the tirade
  • The older man was eventually escorted off the premises by staff at the restraunt

Shocking footage has emerged of a man on a vile rant in McDonald’s in which he complains about the fast-food place in Brixton being run by ‘bloody immigrants.’

The older man, who appears to be unsteady on his feet, yells at customers calling them ‘weak feminists.’

He tells them: ‘That’s why the country is f****d, England is f****d. Feminists and immigrants.’

He was recorded on Friday night at around 10pm by Alex Parvenu, who Tweeted: ‘A guy ranting about immigrants, feminists & white males creating civilisation.

The man walks around the shop floor yelling as people stand amazed while they wait for their food

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‘Can we find out who he is? Dude was being pretty misogynistic & racist.’

The abusive customer tells Mr Parvenu, ‘the world was created by white men and you don’t like it.’

He refers to ‘white men’ as us, telling the crowd that they have benefited from white civilisation.

After around two minutes of his tirade the man is escorted out by staff at the McDonald’s

The man continued to berate staff and customers until he is ejected by one of the employees.

Mr Parvenu Tweeted to Lambeth Council, as well as various MPs and the police in the hope that action will be taken.

The video has been watched more than 60,000 times since it was posted last night.

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