McDonald's Hi-C orange juice is BACK on menus starting this month after nearly four years

MCDONALD'S is putting orange Hi-C back on the menu – after a four-year hiatus.

Fans have begged for the chain to bring back the favorite drink – and even started petitions to see it in restaurants again.

Now, the drink will return to restaurants later this month, McDonald's announced on Wednesday.

McDonald's first wrote on Twitter that people have been demanding Hi-C be put back on menus.

The account shared that they were giving a "presentation" to their boss on why the item should be brought back.

Hours later, the company shared an email from the VP of marketing, revealing that the fan favorite drink would be returning to the menus.

"Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will officially come back on the menu at all U.S. restaurants by this summer 2021," the email said.

In a statement on Wednesday, McDonald's said "…thanks to you, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will return to McDonald’s menus this year as a regular soft drink option, available nationwide by this summer.

Users went wild over the news.

"i have never been so happy to approve a tweet love u hi-c," one person commented.

Another person said: "Finally, 2021 is starting to turn around."

"Why did you ever take it away from us??? I'm happy it's back," one person replied.

One person wrote: "2021 just got so much better. THANK YOU!"

Rollout begins on February 15, according to a tracker.

The tracker will update weekly to reveal which locations have Hi-C.

The item first hit McDonald's menus in 1955, the company said in a statement.

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