Megan’s safety warning at busy Victoria station has slashed injuries

How nine-year-old schoolgirl Megan’s brilliant ‘hold on to the escalators’ safety warning at busy Victoria station has slashed injuries by two-thirds

  • Megan was asked to do the announcement by one of her father’s colleagues 
  • Around 250,000 people frequent London’s busy Victoria Station on a daily basis 
  • Fifteen people are injured on escalators at the train station every month

A nine-year-old is helping slash injuries by up to two-thirds at one of London’s busiest stations. 

Both of Megan’s parents work at Victoria Station, which sees around 15 people injured on escalators every month.

When her mother brought her and her brother along to meet her father after work one of Megan’s father’s colleagues asked if she would be interested in making the announcement.

Megan’s announcement is: ‘Hello everybody and please listen up. 

‘Take care on the escalator, hold on to the hand rail and your luggage.’

The announcement has run at the station for six months.

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Several takes were taken to help the nervous girl, who is interested in acting, get her confidence.

Results can’t be argued with as the amount of injuries on the escalators have been slashed by two-thirds.

Dr Valentina Cartei, Voice Lab at the University of Sussex, told the BBC that typically adults listen to deeper voices that have authority.

Megan (pictured) has been the voice behind the escalator safety annoucement at Victoria Station for six months

She continued that so many people were listening to Megan’s announcement due to the shock factor of hearing a child over the speakers.However one commuter also told the publication: ‘I think everyone takes notice when a child says something.

‘You know they always mean it’. 

Around 250,000 people frequent Victoria Station every day. 

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