Meghan faces ‘big challenge’ with family thanks to ’embarrassing’ stories

Meghan Markle needs to prepare for the possibility that "awkward" stories from her past could be exposed, an expert has warned.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti believes that Meghan's family members could publish scandalous biographies about her life before she was a royal – which could be seen as "embarrassing" to her now.

The warning comes after her relationship with her family remains strained- which has seen her father Thomas Markle and her half brother Thomas Markle Jr, blast both her and Harry a number of times in the media.

Most recently, Thomas Markle branded her husband as a "candya**" and claimed that Harry had walked away from "the Queen and the British people".

The dad also slammed Meghan's recent appearance on the Ellen show and called out his daughter for her "stupid stunt" that made him "wince" after she carried out a series of silly pranks with the chat show host.

Mr Sacerdoti believes the duchess faces a "fairly big challenge in terms of family" and said it is likely that "more awkward revelations" will be published in books written about her, reports the Daily Express.

He said: "She's cut off members of her family entirely including her father who she seems to have been very close to growing up and he seems to have supported her and paid for her to be privately educated.

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"Now she doesn't talk to him as far as we're aware, he frequently speaks out about that and he's quite critical of her and Harry's behaviour.

"I think that we can expect in the future members of her family to increasingly say things that she doesn't want them to whether it's her brother or her father."

The expert went on to say the Duchess may be ashamed of her past such as; her previous marriage, family feuds and her acting and modelling career.

"I think unauthorised biographies will be a counterbalance to the very, very carefully managed PR efforts the couple put out themselves," he added.

"They need perhaps to think ahead to how they'll react to those sorts of revelations."

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