Meghan Markle’s hand gesture to Harry showed how ‘tide has turned’, says expert

Meghan Markle showed that Prince Harry's time as her mentor and protector was over with a subtle hand gesture, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex guided Meghan through life as a royal in the early days of their relationship.

But body language expert Judi James has claimed that a subtle hand gesture from the Duchess showed Harry that the "tide has changed" in their relationship, the Mirror reports.

The moment came during the couple's infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey as they sat side by side on garden chairs and opened up about their life in the Royal Family.

Meghan made damning accusations of racism and claimed Kate Middleton made her cry, while Harry claimed his father had cut him off financially and Prince William was "trapped".

Judi told The Mirror that Meghan's hand gestures showed she was confident and self assured, while Harry was showing the need for his wife's support.

She said: "I think when Meghan came to the UK, Harry very much saw himself in the role of overly protective husband that knew that all hell was going to break lose in terms of press and public interest, and was desperate to protect her – albeit that she presented herself as a very confident woman.

"But I think the tide has completely changed looking at the Oprah Winfrey clip.

"Now she seems to have taken a much more vulnerable Harry back to the US with her and she seems to be more in the role of rescuer and protector with him.

"This hand gesture that you can see, he's got his hand on the chair and she's placed her hand on top.

"That's almost a maternal looking gesture, it's though it's being used for reassurance and to let him feed off her confidence.

"Clearly she's friends with Oprah, she's used to being in front of the cameras she's an actress, but to Harry this is a whole new world that he's being judged by and being asked to perform.

"And it sounds from the clip as though he's going to rip his soul out in front of the camera and tell us about everything."

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