Meghan Markle’s nephew injured in 20-man fist fight just hours before Duchess gave birth to his cousin

MEGHAN Markle’s nephew injured his leg during a heated 20-man brawl, just hours before the duchess gave birth.

Cops said that Tyler Dooley, 26 – who had a knife confiscated by bouncers in London after Meghan’s wedding last year – was shoved over in the melee.

The bust-up, just over 48 hours before the Duchess of Sussex gave birth, occurred in front of the Wonder Bur Lounge, a bar in Grants Pass, Oregon, at about 11.15pm on Friday.

A spokesman for Grants Pass Police Department confirmed to The Sun: “Units responded to a physical disturbance at the location involving 15 to 20 people.

“Suspects were unknown and (Mr) Dooley was shoved to the ground.”

The brawl, described by police as a “large fight”, had been broken up by the time officers arrived on the scene.

No-one was arrested.

There is no suggestion that cannabis farmer Tyler, who is the son of Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Jr, 52, did anything wrong.

When quizzed on the incident by The Sun, he described the police department’s version of events as “not entirely accurate”.

And he insisted that he was not injured “during a fight”.

Declining to explain exactly what happened, he added: “I’m not a victim. The disturbance is completely separate from me.”

Tyler, who starred in MTV reality show The Royal World, confirmed he had injured his leg but would not reveal how.


He hit the headlines in April last year when he announced he was creating a special strain of marijuana called Markle’s Sparkle to celebrate his aunt’s nuptials.

Just a month later Tyler was spoken to by police after he had a £1,500 antique Buck Knife – with a three-and-a-half-inch blade – confiscated from Bacchus nightclub in Kingston on May 19.

This occurred just hours after Meghan married Prince Harry at Windsor Castle.

He later said he forgot the weapon was in his jeans pocket.

Tyler explained at the time: “It was a complete accident. I’m a hunter and a fisherman, so I carry the knife around with me at home.

"I had no idea it was in my trousers when I was in London.

“We were in line at the club and everyone was getting searched.

"I felt around and realised the knife was in my pocket, so I asked the security guy if he could hang onto it for me.

“He looked at me like I was crazy – like I had just committed murder!

"In the States I have a handgun on me every single day. It is normal – we live in the country.”

Tyler’s dad Thomas Jr, also of Grants Pass, Oregon, has himself courted controversy.

He was accused of putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head during a heated row in 2017, but charges were later dropped.

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