Meghan Markle’s ‘rubbish’ project has ‘gone down so badly in the UK’ expert says

Meghan Markle's 40th birthday charity stunt has been slammed for being "all about Meghan" by a royal biographer.

The Duchess of Sussex asked fans to donate 40 minutes of their time to good deeds on the day.

She also contacted celebrities who agreed to spend time mentoring women back into work after the Covid pandemic.

But royal biographer Duncan Larcombe argued the scheme has not been a success in Britain, the Express reports.

He told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: “It's great, she's doing that, she's just had a baby, and it's all about Meghan, and it's all rubbish frankly. It's gone down so badly in this country.

“She has left behind her a trail of devastation, on the Markle side, and now on the Windsor side.

“I don’t want to see her lecturing young mums having to go back to work from inside her $11 million LA mansion.

“This initiative is nonsense, she should be spending her time trying to build bridges with the very people that she and Harry have betrayed.

“That's what I think most people in this country believe.”

Meghan, who turned 40 on August 4, is estranged from her father Thomas, and has a tense relationship with half-sister Samantha and half-brother Thomas Jnr.

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Appearing on GB News earlier this week, Mr Markle accused his daughter of lying and “attacking” the Queen.

Referring to the Duchess he said: “Her lies are so obvious, I don’t know why she says them.

“Meghan and Harry are attacking the world. Attacking his 95-year-old grandmother is unforgivable.”

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Meghan's representative has been approached for comment.

Meanwhile the duchess and Kate Middleton are "considering working together" on a brand-new Netflix show, it’s been reported.

Meghan is believed to have reached out to her sister-in-law Kate, 39, in order to discuss the exciting joint venture based on Kate’s incredible charity work since joining the royal family.

Meghan and Kate have been chatting "a lot more" recently, and Prince Harry’s wife is eager to get the ball rolling on the Netflix project, which will give an insight into the life of the royals.

Lifting the lid on Meghan’s documentary plans, an inside source told US Weekly: “Meghan and Kate are actually getting along really well and have been in touch more often."

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