Melania Trump BOMBSHELL: First lady could have designed US astronauts uniforms

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Melania Trump has spent years attending some of the world’s greatest fashion shows and has previously spent time working as a model. All of which may be reasons why President Donald Trump thought the design job would be a natural fit for her. Citizens of the United States have been fascinated by the inner workings of the new US Space Force, which was officially set up back in December 2019.

A new report offers insights into key decisions in which the White House played a surprising role.

A meeting took place between the President and Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, chief of space operations, Defence Secretary Mark Esper, and other military leaders in January.

During this President Trump was given an array of poster-size photos to choose from to become the sixth military branch’s official seal.

This was all revealed in a Time Magazine’s story, published on Thursday.

It was reported that President Trump looked at four different designs, pulled out a black Sharpie marker, drew an arrow pointed at the seal and scratched out his signature above it.

Around a week later, Donald Trump then tweeted the picture of that seal, which was unveiled this week.

The seal uses the delta symbol from the service’s flag and logo.

Before the meeting was over, Trump suggested the First Lady “should help design Space Force uniforms because of her impeccable fashion sense”.

In Steve Carell’s Netflix comedy, Space Force, that incident became the plotline.

In episode four of the series, the first lady’s staff deliver a series of impractical uniforms to Space Force headquarters, including one’s sporting capes and the words ‘Space Force’ fashioned with glitter and gems across the buttocks.


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The President has been briefed on multiple occasions about Space Force’s design elements.

All these briefings have taken place since the creation of Space Force at the backend of last year.

So far, Space Force has debuted a service seal, logo and utility uniform name tape, but many major design decisions remain.

Pending Space Force decisions include a dress uniform, insignia and unit patches and a rank structure.

Officials are also deciding what to call Space Force members.

It is also believed that Paramount Pictures, production company, reached out to Space Force to avoid a trademark dispute overuse of the delta symbol.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users have highlighted the insignia ‘symbol’ is highly reminiscent of the “Star Trek” Starfleet Command logo.

But, the military says the symbol is part of its history, too.

Others have pointed out the delta also looks very much like the now-defunct Air Force Space Command patch.

AFSPC existed from 1982 until last year when the Pentagon announced the command’s personnel would be temporarily reassigned to the Space Force until formal transfers begin.

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