Melania Trump told Donald he was 'blowing' US COVID-19 response: Book

‘You’re blowing this’: New book reveals Melania Trump criticized her husband’s handling of COVID – and his top general feared he would authorize a strike on Iran as presidency ended

  • The forthcoming book from two journalists is titled ‘The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021’
  • Authors describe Melania as having been ‘rattled by the coronavirus and convinced that Trump was screwing it up’
  • Trump has reportedly dismissed her fears by telling her to ‘forget it’ 
  • The ex-president was also reportedly left a holiday party early in 2020 because he was afraid Iran might stage an assassination attempt against him
  • Trump’s own former intelligence community chief expressed to aides concerns that Vladimir Putin had damaging information on the then-president 
  • Trump also told the book’s authors that his former vice president, Mike Pence, ‘committed political suicide’ by upholding the 2020 election results 
  • He compared his past plan to buy Greenland to a real estate development deal
  • ‘I look at a corner, I say, “I’ve got to get that store for the building that I’m building,” etc. It’s not that different,’ Trump said

Melania Trump told her husband he was ‘blowing’ the United States COVID-19 response, a new report suggested on Wednesday.

The former first lady had been ‘rattled by the coronavirus and convinced that [Donald] Trump was screwing up,’ the book claims according to CNN.

In a phone call with former Trump ally Chris Christie, Melania reportedly recalled telling him that she said to her husband, ‘You’re blowing this.’ She apparently pleaded with Christie to help convince Trump to take the pandemic more seriously.

She said she told Trump, ‘This is serious. It’s going to be really bad, and you need to take it more seriously than you’re taking it.’

But he did little more than brush her off, according to the book.

”You worry too much,’ Trump replied. ‘Forget it.’ 

That and other explosive revelations from Trump’s presidency are revealed in a forthcoming book from New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker and New Yorker staff writer Susan Glasser, ‘The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021.’

Among the bombshells were also concerns held by Trump’s top general, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley, that the ex-president would order an attack on Iran on his way out the White House door.

And according to the authors, it was one of Trump’s staffers who gave him the idea.

‘Milley at the time told his staff it was a “What the f*** are these guys talking about?” moment,’ the book claims. 

Melania Trump reportedly told her husband of the pandemic, ‘This is serious. It’s going to be really bad, and you need to take it more seriously than you’re taking it’

Trump reportedly told his wife to ‘forget it’ in response to her concerns

Trump was reportedly so paranoid that Iran would retaliate for the US killing of its top general, Qasem Soleimani, that he told guests at a Mar-a-Lago holiday party that he was leaving early in fear of an assassination attempt by Tehran.

But that’s not the only time the ex-president has inspired national security fears among his advisers.

After Trump publicly sided with Russia’s Vladimir Putin over US intelligence agencies that accused the Kremlin of meddling in American elections, the national intelligence director privately wondered to ‘associates’ about what the two leaders’ relationship was.

‘I never could come to a conclusion. It raised the question in everybody’s mind: What does Putin have on him that causes him to do something that undermines his credibility?’ then-DNI Dan Coats allegedly said.

In the Middle East, Trump is reported to have given Jordan’s King Abdullah II such a shock by offering him the West Bank that the monarch told a friend he believed he was having a heart attack.

Trump also invoked his National Security Council after a billionaire friend of his suggested purchasing Greenland from Denmark, a plan which eventually fell apart after public ridicule.

The former president himself told the forthcoming book’s authors that buying the territory would not have been ‘that different’ than his high-profile real estate purchases for the Trump Organization.

‘I said, “Why don’t we have that?'” Trump said of Greenland. 

‘You take a look at a map. I’m a real estate developer, I look at a corner, I say, “I’ve got to get that store for the building that I’m building,” etc. It’s not that different.’

And while Trump’s foreign chops were recognized by late Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s nomination of him for a Nobel Peace Prize, the book claims that the ex-president had a hand in pushing that, too.

A former senior Trump aide told the authors, ‘The President asked Abe over dinner to nominate him.’

Other revelations include newly-uncovered messages by top Trump officials that depicts the White House in a state of chaos during the 2018 midterm elections.

‘Ok for the first time I am actually scared for the country. The insanity has been loosed,’ then-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wrote to a colleague.

She also apparently said that Trump’s secretaries of Defense, Education and Labor were all threatening to resign. 

Looking ahead to his future potential 2024 campaign, the former president did not say if he would run but poured cold water on the chances that he would run with Mike Pence again.

The reason was Pence’s failure to stop the 2020 election results – Trump’s defeat – from being certified by Congress.

‘It would be totally inappropriate,’ Trump told the authors. ‘Mike committed political suicide by not taking votes that he knew were wrong.’ 

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