Met Office issues exact UK weather divide this weekend – it’s unlucky for some

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    Not for the first time, the UK is set to be split this weekend with half seeing heatwave and the rest due a drenching.

    According to experts at the Met Office the UK will be split into two this weekend.

    For some, a scorcher awaits with temperatures potentially reaching a sweltering 33C in the southeast on Sunday, yet it is quite a different story as you travel northwest.

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    In fact, Stephen Dixon at the Met Office has told the Daily Star there'll be distinct line of fortune separating sun bathers from umbrella carriers stretching from North Wales up to Scotland.

    The spokesperson said: "There’s a marked contrast in the weather this weekend, with some potentially impactful rain for some in the north, while some places further south could reach heatwave criteria by the close on Sunday."

    An as of yet unspecified area of the southeast will probably be baked to the temperature of 32C as the heat peaks on Sunday.

    Stephen continued: "High pressure is asserting its dominance to the south and east, and temperatures through the weekend could peak at 32C in London on Sunday, and widely into the high 20s in southern England.

    "The clearest skies will be had the further south and east you go, though much of southern England will see a good deal of warm, sunny weather this weekend."

    That's where the good stuff ends, though, with Stephen explaining that while 30C heat is enjoyed down south, it's 30mm of rain heading Western Scotland's way.

    Stephen added: "Those further north and west will see some at times heavy rain, which has the potential to be impactful in a few spots.

    "Through the day today (Friday), western areas of Scotland could see in excess of 30mm of rainfall in the day, and while totals aren’t likely to be quite as high further east in Scotland, they will still see some rain later this afternoon and into the evening.

    Intense showers will ease up on Saturday as though the tap has been slightly adjusted to a calmer velocity still sprinkling western areas of the north.

    Any respite from harsh conditions, however, is short-lived as Sunday will see the next weather front push in from the west, bringing more in the way of wind, rain and the possibility of hail at times for those in the north of the UK."

    "There’s still a bit of uncertainty as to the intensity of this band of rain as it moves east across northern areas," Stephen said. "But there’s a potential for some heavy outbursts of rain at times, which could make travel conditions tricky for some in the north on Sunday.

    "Things will generally turn a touch cooler across the UK from Monday, with temperatures returning more towards average for the time of year, albeit with a westerly regime creating an unsettled period of weather for the UK, with likely showers and windy conditions at times, especially for those in the northwest."

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