Met Office weather warning: Thunder and lightning to smash Britain in HOURS – new charts

The UK is forecast to be hit by thunderstorms and a yellow weather warning is in place from 12pm across a large swathe of central and southern England.

Parts of the country could be drenched with up to 40mm of rain in just a couple of hours, according to the Met Office.

The storms will gradually move eastwards during the rest of the day.

The thunderstorms will clear in the east of England this evening.

The Met Office warned the weather conditions are likely to cause disruption.

It said some short term loss of power is likely.

And there could be flooding of homes and businesses.

Buildings could also be damaged from lightening strikes.

Car and bus journeys are likely to take longer and delays to train services are possible.

BBC Weather meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas warned of a “fairly unsettled weekend”.

She said: “She some of the rain particularly as we head through the afternoon could be quite heavy and possibly thundery at times too.

“We’re dragging in our air from the Atlantic.

“This cool, westerly air flow following behind this cold front which is bringing some outbreaks of rain to many parts through today.

“So low pressure driving our weather.

“There will be some sunny spells, showers rattling around that low pressure.

“And down towards the south east some of the rain this afternoon could be heavy, thundery, quite persistent as well.

“Moving our way northwards, some sunshine for north Wales into northern England.

“Northern Ireland likely to see the arrival of heavy showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon.

“And for Scotland it will be a mix of sunny spells and a few heavy and potentially thundery downpours especially towards the east.”

She added that temperatures will reach up to 21C for most of the country but there could be highs of 24C in the east.

The BBC Weather meteorologist said: “Into this evening and tonight the heavy thundery downpours in the south and the east gradually clear away.”


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